Looking for ways to leverage technology for your cemetery? webCemeteries.com offer’s unique cemetery technology solutions, and can help you achieve new levels of customer service, operational efficiency, and online sales lead generation no matter what condition your records are in.

webCemeteries.com is the creator of the industry’s first suite of mobile applications, including the Cemetery Mobile App, winner of the ICCFA KIP Award. These apps navigate to graves, create digital memorials, inventory trees, map graves, create work orders and more.

Looking to computerize your records? webCemeteries.com can come on-site to scan your paper documents, then work off-site to enter them into a records management system. You can leverage your system to manage your records from anywhere, view inventory sales maps of your property, access your records from the field with your own mobile app, and publish a digital memorial page for each record on your website.

 Are your records already computerized? These tools also integrate with several other industry software programs, including Pontem, HMIS, MBS, and CIMS.

Not ready to computerize? You can still leverage technology without computerizing your old records. You can boost sales by offering digital memorial pages to any of your families, memorializing their memory on your website, and on your mobile application with GPS navigation to the grave.  You can simply enter their names as the service is requested, rather than computerizing every single record. You can also use your app to create self-guided walking tours of notable landmarks and famous people throughout the cemetery.

webCemeteries.com is based out of south east Pennsylvania, and has been serving the cemetery industry for over 10 years. We are constantly working with hundreds of the leading cemeteries and funeral homes across the United States to improve our software to maximize your operational efficiency and sales opportunities. Contact us today to discuss your technology plan.

A version of this article was first published in the Virginia Cemetery Association newsletter by Nick Timpe, Director of Sales and Marketing for webCemeteries.com. webCemeteries.com offers custom technology solutions to cemeteries and funeral homes, including award winning mobile apps. Nick is a member of the ICCFA Sales and Marketing Committee, the Catholic Cemetery Conference Technology Committee, and serves as a cemetery technology instructor the Catholic Cemetery University.